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Why Variant Surfaces?

For elegant countertop solutions, Variant Surfaces combines local expertise with beautiful natural stone, quartz, and porcelain slabs.

What products do you offer? 

In addition to Natural Stone, Variant Surfaces also offers Variant Porcelain™ and Variant Quartz™ products.

Natural Stone

What types of natural stone does Variant Surfaces offer?

Our vast collection of natural stone slabs includes Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Soapstone & Dolomite

Where do your stones come from?

We have stones from Italy, India, Brazil, South Africa, and many other countries in our collection.


What makes VariantQuartz™ different from natural stone? 

VariantQuartz™ combines the beauty of natural stone with increased strength and durability while reducing the amount of necessary maintenance.  VariantQuartz™ also offers colors and designs that are not found in natural stone.

What is the price difference between VariantQuartz™ and natural stone?

A natural stone has a much wider price range than Variant Quartz™

Does VariantQuartz™ stain?

Due to its low water absorption properties, Variant Quartz™ resists stains. Sealing is not necessary.

Can I put hot pans directly on my VariantQuartz™ countertop?

Despite Variant Quartz™ heat resistance, we recommend using trivets at very high temperatures to prevent damage.

Can I cut directly on my VariantQuartz™ countertop?

While Variant Quartz™ is scratch-resistant, we recommend using cutting boards to protect your surface.

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